New Dashboard & Timeline Features

Check the evolution for your most important KPIs at one glance: Occupancy, Average Rate OTB, RevPar, Revenue, Pickup, Market Occupancy. All cards are displaying a 30 days’ evolution for the selected date, in comparison with last year performance, with DoW correction from the same perspective.

Dashboard Card layout

Individual Cards

Occupancy Rate Card

One of the most important KPI’s, is expressed in both percentage and number of occupied rooms.

Average Daily Rate OTB

Shows the evolution of the daily rate and highlights the selected date rate.

Revenue Card

Income generated, on a daily basis in the last 30 days, up to selected date.

RevPAR Card

Market Occupancy Card

Showing the occupancy percentage (and number) in your hotel’s market.

Pickup Card

Daily Pickup (-1)

Depending on your PMS data, you could also have…

Bookings Card

Total number count of bookings with
checkin = arrival date

Nights Card

Sum of the LoS for all bookings in the inspected period

Average Length of Stay Card

nights / bookings

Average Transaction Price Card

bookingsRev / bookings

Bookings Revenue Card

sum (ttlRev per reservation) for all bookings from the inspected period

Guest Rating

Guest Rating Section displays the booking.com reviews for your property and for you compset:
Location, Comfort, Staff, Cleanliness, Value for money, Facilities and Free WiFi.

It also displays the total number of reviews and the average guest rating for all categories.

Integrating Google Analytics E-commerce

If you have Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking set up, OutPerform can display this info, so you can easily correlate your sales data with website usage data like sessions, bounce rate, traffic etc.

Data available:
• Graphic with Page Visits, Users and Sessions.
• Chart with today’s visits.
• Percentages for Search Traffic, Bounce Rate, New visits, Conversion Rates

Next Days tab

Recommended rate section which now includes:

• The reco rate for the Reference room-rate;

• The calculated rate for the rooms types, rate plans and different occupancy linked to the reference Room and Rate (master room and rate);

• Like / dislike option at different level: rate/room/pax;

• Possibility to input a different rates;

• Reco Inspector.

• Formulas displayed at mouse over.

Improved Reco Inspector

Details about the Recommended Price

Comp Set rates details


Recommended Price section

Day Inspector tab

Room Nights Evolution Chart

Graphical display of the RN evolution for 1 year

ADR Evolution Chart

Graphical display of ADR evolution for 1 year

Booking Pace Chart

Check the rate at which reservations are made for a particular date

New design, new elements, new structure

Columns can be collapsed to focus on certain KPI.

On the Books

On the Books data with RN, AVL, ADR, RevPAR and 2 new values: OoO and Revenue


Variance to Same Time Last Year values for RN, Revenue (New), ADR, RevPAR (New)


PickUp values for RN, Revenue (New), ADR (New), RevPAR (New)


Forecast of the total number of rooms occupied for the selected date / period


Open / Close status of the subscriber property.
Actual & Reco (New)

Minimum Length of Stay

PickUp values for RN, Revenue (New), ADR (New), RevPAR (New)

My Hotel

Recommended Rate, User Preference (New),
Actual Rate


Compset rates with colour coding based on the comfort zone tuned in Compset Report, calendar view.

Market Occupancy

Market occupancy highlighted in a separate column, showing the number of hotels occupied.


Different levels of granularity to support a better and quicker decision process: Daily, Weekly and Monthly


Channel Value Index

The value analysis consists of two main matrices:
The hotel’s review score and the lowest published
rate. Subscriber hotel is always plotted in the centre, thus dividing the chart in four quadrants, representing:

Upper left quadrant:

Competitors display relatively high rates in relation to their review score.

Lower left quadrant:

Competitors offer a less popular product at a lower rate.

Upper right quadrant:

Competitors offer a lot of value to guests and have reason to charge a high rate.

Lower right quadrant:

Competitors are likely to under-price themselves – they offer greater value at comparable cheaper rates.


Monthly Budget View


Green – Budget
Blue – current year values
Red – last year values

Displayed values for each month:
Room Nights
Average Daily Rate


Daily Budget View


Green – Budget
Blue – current year values
Red – last year values

Displayed values for each day:
Room Nights
Average Daily Rate

User Activity log

The Activity log shows you which users logged into the app and what actions were taken by these users. It shows details such as: date, user, hotel, activity and comments.
A set of filters help narrow down the search: Action made in / Action made for, Comments, User name, Hotel, Menu, and Activity.


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