Optimise your prices with data powered algorithms

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Our Price Optimizer combines in one place all past, current and future data on the hotel, competitors and market and analyzes them by using unique algorithms

Save Time and Improve RevPar Results

  • Algorithm powered tool to optimize price and increase RevPAR
  • All data trends reviewed to make the best decisions
  • Fully automated tool for price optimization in connection with your PMS and Channel Manager
  • The selling rates and the behaviour of your most important competitors
  • Market availability of your city or of your district
  • Data about events in your city or your district

A system which harnesses powerful and intelligently written algorithms

  • Looking backwards, looking forwards and analyzing trends quickly
  • Automatic Listing/Recommendation of rates and restrictions for further distribution
  • All KPI’s in overview – historical Benchmarks on real-time data basis regarding local market, competition, price position and reputation as well as the market compression
  • Creates an Internal Recommended Price by combining and analyzing PMS Daily Data, PMS Historical Data, Seasons/Events, Rate Boundaries, Booking Window
  • Displays a Recommended Price by combining and analyzing the IRP together with Competitor, Competitor Rate Trend, Market Demand, Market Demand Trend
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