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OutPerform RMS and Price Optimizer

optimizing prices and increasing hotel RevPAR - revenue management system

Easy to use

We make understanding lots of information really simple.

Why we created OutPerform RMS?

Because brilliant revenue management takes up so much time and is a very manual process – fragmented data from PMS, rate shoppers, channel managers and revenue optimizers, offline/online, sometimes past or current, not often future – this picture is incomplete, disconnected and not aggregated.

This is why we created OutPerform RMS. Ideal way for the hotels and resorts to optimize their revenue.

hotel revenue management system, OutPerform RMS

The Dashboard

New Dashboard & Timeline Features

hotel revenue management system



Average Rate OTB


30 days evolution



Market Occupancy

Future days

Intuitive Dashboard, with exactly what you need.

Hotel Occupancy Overview

Hotel's KPIs

Rate Recommendation

Rate Shopper

Single click to inspect the evolution of a particular day

With multiple shortcuts for the most used commands

hotel revenue management system

Guest Rating and Ecommerce

hotel revenue management system

Displays the booking.com reviews

Integrating Google Analytics E-commerce

Market Informer

Individual Rate Shopper, with different views.

hotel revenue management system - market informer


hotel revenue management system, chart, marker informer


hotel revenue management system, table, marker informer


Some of the
Rate Shopper Features

  • Dynamic Length of Stay (multiple LoS)
  • Room Restrictions
  • Rate Restrictions
  • Rate Evolution
  • Displays all the available rates, not just the BAR
  • Exportable
  • Rates per room type

Timeline View

Last Year OTB

Yield Management

Actual Data OTB

Market Rates

hotel revenue management system, outperform rms

Columns can be collapsed to focus on certain KPI, with a click of a button.

Different levels of granularity to support a better and quicker decision process: DoW, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.



  • Quick Update for Channel Manager
  • Customizable grand totals and views
  • Last Year Data
  • LY Data considering the booking window
  • Exportable
  • Day Inspector (check the evolution and the trends for each particular day)
  • Reco Inspector (analyze why the system recommended you a certain selling rate)

Pickup report


hotel revenue management system, pickup report

  • Customize your reports the way you prefer
  • Available per market segment, channel or room type
  • Go to Event shortcut
  • PACE analyzer
  • PACE compared with LY Data, considering the Day of Week
  • Can analyze RoomNights, ADR, RevPAR and Revenue

The benefits for Hotels using
OutPerform RMS

  • Streamlined workflow without data collection stress
  • Instantly understanding what is happening without having to spend time on research
  • Optimize their rates based on facts and not assumptions
  • Manage decisions from anywhere
  • Distribution cost savings

PMS data collect

Rate Shopper

Events Shopper

Market Demand

Channel Value Index

Two main matrixes:

  • The hotel’s review score
  • The lowest published rate

Subscriber hotel is always plotted in the centre, thus dividing the chart in four quadrants, representing:

Competitors display relatively high rates in relation to their review score.

Competitors offer a less popular product at a lower rate.

Competitors offer a lot of value to guests and have reason to charge a high rate.

Competitors are likely to under-price themselves – they offer greater value at comparable cheaper rates.

hotel revenue management system, channel value index