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Andreas Erlemann_Zenith Hospitality Solutions
Andreas Erlemann Berlin Germany - CEO Zenith Hospitality GmbH Helping my clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ranging from Independent family run Hotels, to small groups of up to 20 Hotels I have implemented OutPerform with all my clients. As a Revenue Manager myself, it was straight forward to see why OutPerform is simply head [...]
Ricardo Cocco_Hotel Savoy Rome
Riccardo Cocco General Manager - Hotel Savoy Rome "Being a Professor of Revenue Management myself, I was amazed to discover OutPerform, the tool I had been dreaming about. Now instead of multiple applications with Rate Shopping, Event Shopping etc. lots of excels, I have one application which does everything. Clear and simple to use, for [...]
Ignacio Peña Ayerza Revenue Manager Director "I run the leading Outsource Revenue Management Company in Argentina & one of the biggest in Latin America. I was looking for the best solution on the market, to help my operation run more efficiently. I looked at absolutely all the solutions available and when I found OutPerform the [...]