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If you are a hotel manager or in charge of sales at a hotel, you may be in a position where despite having several add-ons available to your guests, no one appears to be buying them. Having years of experience with the hospitality business and worked with numerous different hotels over the past few years, […]

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Managing Pricing Better –Top 10 Tips! You are not alone if your hotel does not have a full time revenue manager.  Many hotel managers are responsible for revenue management but struggle to find the time to commit to this role as they have so many other responsibilities as well.  Here are some helpful tips to help […]

Andreas Erlemann_Zenith Hospitality Solutions
Andreas Erlemann Berlin Germany - CEO Zenith Hospitality GmbH Helping my clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ranging from Independent family run Hotels, to small groups of up to 20 Hotels I have implemented OutPerform with all my clients. As a Revenue Manager myself, it was straight forward to see why OutPerform is simply head [...]
Ricardo Cocco_Hotel Savoy Rome
Riccardo Cocco General Manager - Hotel Savoy Rome "Being a Professor of Revenue Management myself, I was amazed to discover OutPerform, the tool I had been dreaming about. Now instead of multiple applications with Rate Shopping, Event Shopping etc. lots of excels, I have one application which does everything. Clear and simple to use, for [...]
Ignacio Peña Ayerza Revenue Manager Director "I run the leading Outsource Revenue Management Company in Argentina & one of the biggest in Latin America. I was looking for the best solution on the market, to help my operation run more efficiently. I looked at absolutely all the solutions available and when I found OutPerform the [...]