HSDS Agile Core Revenue Management training in partnership with Revenue by Design

HSDS Agile Core Revenue Management training in partnership with Revenue by Design

revenue trainingHSDS Agile Core Revenue Management training in partnership with Revenue by Design

On January 2019, Ally Northfield, Director of Revenue by Design, delivered a fantastic training on Revenue Management basics for our support and development team in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

HSDS or Hospitality Software Development Services is a “Boutique” nearshore Software Development Company, very focused and extraordinarily good in Hotel Distribution & Revenue Management in the Hospitality Industry. We not only develop Cloud Solutions for some of the world’s leading Hospitality Players, from leading Hotel Brands, through OTA’s, to leading Technology Providers in the Hospitality Industry, we also build our own solutions sold Hotel direct. To make sure our customers get the most out of our Cloud Solutions we offer a second to none Customer “Agile Core Support”.

Agile Core RMS Support is a department within HSDS that offers excellent and personalized Customer Support Services. Why Agile Core? Because they are the core of HSDS, delivering the best services to create a synergy between our partners and customers. Agile Core Support is also the “interface” between client’s requirements and our Development teams.

The HSDS Agile Core team was trained in the Revenue Management essentials, in order to understand what makes revenue management work best, and experiment how a revenue manager thinks, through the interactive activities provided by the trainer – Ally Northfield.

Why is it important for a software company to understand the business of their clients?

Understanding the business helps in building a good relationship with the customers, in identifying their needs and behaviours, in finding solutions for every issue that may occur, and in increasing the company’s performance.

I have been working in Customer Support department for 6 years now and specialised in OutPerfom RMS for over 3 years. The most valuable lesson I learned: any RMS is as good as it is set up. Thus, having the best RMS on the market will not help if the settings are bad. The training helped our team improve business knowledge so that we will not only offer tech support, but also help the customer apply business techniques and get the most out of OutPerform.” – Romana Zoicas, Director of Customer Support / HSDS.

We created one of the first Price Optimisers on the the Market back in 2011 PriceYourRoom, and boy have things evolved since then. Perhaps the thing that has become clearest during the whole journey, is that plug and play and hope for the best, certainly is not the best recipe for success. Nowadays our Cloud Based OutPerform-RMS is used by many leading Revenue Management Companies all over the globe, simply to improve their own internal efficiencies and deliver their clients great results. In keeping with this strategy, Software only works when used professionally, it was a natural step to work with the best when it comes to training our own Agile Core RMS support teams. Thanks Ally Northfield. ” – Adriaan Kleingeld, CEO / HSDS

 “We take our relationship with HSDS very seriously, for us OutPerform will be in an integral part of how we do business and we are making significant changes to the way we work so that we can work with the OutPerform solution and provide our clients with the tools they need to really rock a revenue strategy. This means working closely with the HSDS team, and learning new processes and functionality. Ally Northfield, Managing Director / Revenue by Design

Thank you Ally Northfield and Revenue by Design, for this great opportunity!

What is OutPerform-RMS

OutPerform RMSwas created by an outstanding team of Business Analyst’s, Developers, Architects, Data Scientists at HSDS that has been building software solutions for the hotel industry for more than two decades. More importantly it was created with the help of some of the most professional revenue managers in the business, for other revenue managers.

OutPerform RMS is a Price Optimizer and Revenue Management System that helps revenue managers visualize, understand and analyse all past, current and future data in one place, enabling them to easily make the best price decisions, improve RevPAR and discuss reports and KPIs. The price optimization algorithm is using the data provided by the PMS, the hotel’s customized yield settings and the Rate Shopper, allowing to identify trends from the past and creating forecasts for the future. It is a cloud-based system, making it easy to access from anywhere, compatible with any device.

Who is Revenue by Design

Revenue by Design is a leading provider in the United Kingdom providing business transforming revenue management and distribution solutions to the hospitality industry focused on driving top and bottom line profitability

As a company they have extensive experience of driving revenue management strategies in hotels and accommodation providers.

Ally Northfield, director of Revenue by Design, has spent much of her career travelling the world, creating and developing marketing, distribution and revenue management strategies focused on driving profit for independent hotels, hotel groups and the tourism industry. She offers her skills to industry associations and has held board positions with HEDNA, and currently serves on the Revenue Management Committee for HOSPA, and on the advisory council for HFTP Europe. She is regularly asked to contribute to industry thought leadership discussions and is a published author writing articles for Hotel Executive, Hotels Magazine and White Papers for HEDNA and ETOA.

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