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Revenue Management takes over Latin America

Trust, belief and perseverance … leads to success … no short cuts! Ignacio Peña Ayerza’s family had been running their own Hotel in Buenos Aires since 1996, and it did not take long for Ignacio and his brother, Agustin, to discover that all things related to „Revenue Management & Distribution” were time consuming and complicated. Also, […]

Key revenue performance questions for hotels The problem with too much data Have you found yourself endlessly looking at data and then asking for more data to check or validate the first set of data? Decisions should be made using data and we always have the challenge of not falling into the trap of reviewing […]

9 Hotel Revenue Management Tips for Events Success We’ve put together a list of nine top tips to make sure you get your hotel revenue management right for events. Events are a big opportunity to increase RevPAR. Remember to find a balance between relationship and earnings. Here we go! Yield your rates Make sure to […]

7 reasons Booking.com Rate Manager is being killed off Here it goes. All in. We are making a prediction that Booking.com Rate Manager is going to be killed off, or shut down during 2018. Here are 7 reasons the Outperform RMS team are making this educated guess as well as what we think the impact […]

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The RevPAR Formula The RevPAR formula in 4 easy steps Here is a quick overview of the RevPAR formula and to calculate revenue earned per room. Below we give a couple of helpful examples as well in working out the revenue earned per room per day for a hotel. Calculate revenue earned per room per […]

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Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash The Best Hotel Revenue Management Solutions do these 7 Things . . . We had a discussion in the office over coffee to figure out what our Next Gen Opti team thought the things that world class hotel revenue management solutions, must, and we mean MUST do for you. […]